Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Top

Hey everyone,

So I bought some new tops which I'm in love with - pictures coming soon. So I wore one of them, from the above photos on a father-daughter date. I love the idea behind this top, with the block colours. It was on sale, which is a bonus. My earrings are some of my Mothers's old clip on's, which I too shall take photos of. And my rings are my cute little bow, and a purple gemstone which I also bought on sale. Down from $400 to $50, no wonder I bought it.
Until next time,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

One Direction Day :)

This was me just before I got changed into pants to go up to Auckland to see One Direction live in Concert. They were amazing!!! Not ashamed to say that I love them. My outfit was kind of inspired by them in a way :)
Have a great day/afternoon/night

P.S. Will upload some concert pics soon, just need to pick which ones :)

It's a Flowery Day

This is one of my favourite summer dresses :)
Have a great day/afternoon/night